About the Journal

Canadian Primary Care Today is published thrice yearly in English and French and is circulated to over 15,000 primary care physicians, nurses, and pharmacists across Canada. It features peer-edited articles that present robust clinical perspectives and practical insights on the treatment and management of common primary care illnesses.

Canadian Primary Care Today is an open access scientific journal, which means its content is freely available without charge to users or their institutions. Articles are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, and may be copied, printed, redistributed, or linked-to in full for any non-commercial purpose provided the source is cited.

Articles published by Canadian Primary Care Today qualify for category 2 (self-learning) non-certified CPD credits toward completion of the CFPC’s Mainpro+ program requirements. Its articles also qualify for Section 2 (self-learning) CPD credits under the Royal College’s Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program. Please consult each program’s respective website for more information about how journal articles can meet your CPD needs.

Archiving and long-term digital preservation of Canadian Primary Care Today content is managed by the PKP Preservation Network using LOCKSS software.

Aims & Scope

The aim of Canadian Primary Care Today is to provide perspective and insight on the management of common diseases and disorders in primary care and to provide a forum for clinicians to share their real-world experiences in practice.

Canadian Primary Care Today primarily seeks to publish articles with a focus on practical medicine or clinical perspectives, but may accept other types of articles at the discretion of the Editorial Board.

Practical medicine articles should be structured like review articles, be well-referenced, and focus on an aspect of disease management in Canada. They may also include a review of new resources relevant to primary care practice. Clinical perspectives may include discussion of new programs, insights, or practical approaches to patient care or professional development relevant to primary care practitioners.

Canadian Primary Care Today does not set limits on the length of manuscripts, but suggests that submissions be no longer than 2,000 words, exclusive of figures and references.

Editorial Policy

Canadian Primary Care Today is a fully peer-reviewed journal. All articles published in Canadian Primary Care Today are subject to review by the Editorial Board, which is comprised of established clinicians with comprehensive publication records in family medicine and primary care.

All submitted manuscripts will be evaluated against Canadian Primary Care Today’s aims and the publication criteria outlined above. Members of the editorial board assess the scientific content and quality of all articles in a single-anonymized peer review process.

The submitting author, who is generally the corresponding author, is responsible for the manuscript during the submission and peer-review process and must ensure that queries, revisions, and approvals can be provided within a 72-hour time period during the review of their manuscript.

All articles submitted to Canadian Primary Care Today must comply with its journal policies to be considered for publication. Canadian Primary Care Today does not charge article processing fees or any other fees for manuscript submission or publication.

Canadian IBD Today publishes exclusively original content that has not previously been published, and condemns all forms of plagiarism.

About the Publisher

Canadian Primary Care Today is published by Catalytic Health, an independent Toronto-based medical communications agency and publisher of open access journals for various medical specialties. Its editorial staff includes more than 20 full- and part-time scientific editorial support staff and medical education professionals. To learn more, please visit catalytichealth.com.